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Monday, 10. December 2018
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  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
  • Груп - 7 ЕООД
Technological systems
   In Group 7 EOOD work highly skilled experts responsible for the installation and configuration of the following systems:
- security and observation technologies;
- video surveillance and control;
- access control and working time control;
- fire alarm systems;
- site security systems;
- cabling solutions and others.
Physical security
    In order to provide high quality services, Group 7 EOOD disposes of own firearms and gas weapons, national radio frequency, communication and transport equipment, auxiliary equipment for protection.
   During its long-term activity, Group 7 has gained rich experience, has protected and protects sites with different character, including sites with special functions, sites of the defense and with national importance.  Among them: “PLAMA” Pleven, “BTK” AD, “Geosol” – Provadiya, plant “Midzhur” village of Gorni Lom, Cheshnigirovo airport, plant Elektronika, Vidahim AD, “GLAVBULGARSTROY” AD, “NAFTEKS ENGINEERING” AD, “ADVAL” AD, “STROYINJECT” AD, “Yazaki Bulgaria” EOOD, “EPIC ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY” EOOD, sites from the domain of the power engineering etc.

    The security guards of Group 7 EOOD are equipped with uniforms with company badge, protected by patent and registered in the police. Each security guard is provided with identity card with official number.

   Company “Group-7” is licensed in accordance with the dispositions of the Private Security Business Act for organizing and providing security, transport and escort of valuable deliverables and cargo.
   The company offers control and security in transporting (via railway or automobile) valuable deliverables and cargo.
Security and observation activity
Company “Group-7” EOOD has twenty-four-hour control centers and special auto and flying patrols for:

city of Sofia and the region;
city of Pleven and the region;
town of Gorna banya;
town of Kostenets.

The company performs centralized video surveillance of remote sites via previously installed systems and video control center.